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“Bemsha Swing” Play-Along track and tab


“Bemsha Swing” by Thelonious Monk, as recorded by Mike Neer.  Includes original rhythm track from Steelonious minus the ste…


“Blue Monk” Play-Along track and tab


“Blue Monk” by Thelonious Monk, as recorded by Mike Neer.  Includes original rhythm track from Steelonious minus the steel …


“Off Minor” Play-Along track and tab


“Off Minor” by Thelonious Monk, as recorded by Mike Neer.  Includes original rhythm track from Steelonious minus the steel g…


“Straight No Chaser” Play-Along track and tab


“Straight No Chaser” by Thelonious Monk, as recorded by Mike Neer.  Includes original rhythm track from Steelonious minus t…


“The Magic Steel Guitarist” eBook


“A Book of Astounding Tricks, Effects and Solos For Hawaiian Guitar.” This classic book, written by John Martell and publishe…


Bebop Lap Steel Guitar (Print Edition)


Now available is a print edition of the Bebop Lap Steel Guitar book. The book is 53 pp., spiral bound, with a new cover.  Th…


Bebop Lap Steel Guitar e-Book


Bebop Lap Steel Guitar: An Introduction to Bebop Tunes in C6 Tuning is now available for download. This book is intended to o…

Bespoke 3-Lesson Bundle


Book Three (3) Bespoke Lessons for the discounted price of $125. By purchasing a bundle of three lessons, you’ll save $25. …

Bespoke Lessons


Mike now offers two tiers of lessons described in greater detail below.  To set up a lesson, you simply add the lesson of yo…


Buddy Charleton’s “Almost To Tulsa” Video/Tab lesson (C6 tuning high G)


Buddy Charleton’s classic “Almost To Tulsa” is one of the slickest steel guitar instrumentals ever recorded. Written by Buddy…


Buddy Emmons’ “Buddy’s Boogie” Video/Tab lesson (E9 tuning)


I’m pleased to announce that Buddy Emmons’ classic, “Buddy’s Boogie” is now available as a downloadable video/tab package. Th…


Buddy Emmons’ “Four Wheel Drive” Video/tab lesson (C6 tuning)


Buddy Emmons’ Four Wheel Drive is one of the greatest steel guitar instrumentals ever recorded. It is an encyclopedia of stee…


Buddy Emmons’ “Four Wheel Drive” Tab/Notation (C6 tuning)


Buddy Emmons’ Four Wheel Drive is one of the greatest steel guitar instrumentals ever recorded. It is an encyclopedia of st…


e-Book: Steelin’ Scales & Modes


This is the e-Book version of our popular book Steelin’ Scales & Modes for C6 tuning. Download the eBook to your compu…


Gabby Pahinui’s “Yellow Roses” Tab/Notation (C13 tuning)


Gabby Pahinui’s performance of “Yellow Roses” on Ry Cooder’s Chicken Skin Music was a real eye-opener for many of us who woul…


Gabby Pahinui’s “Chloe” Video/Tab lesson (C13 tuning)


Gabby Pahinui’s appearance on Ry Cooder’s Chicken Skin Music turned many of us on to the wonderful sound of Hawaiian steel gu…


Herb Remington’s “Sweetnin'” tab/notation (A6 tuning)


Herb Remington’s composition, “Sweetnin'” is a very intoxicating little rhumba that became an instant hit for me. I have fait…


Joaquin Murphey – Classic Western Swing: Steel Guitar Solos


A book of transcriptions by John McGann with notes by Andy Volk. This popular book presents some of Joaquin’s hottest solos m…


Keepin’ It Real – audio CD


Mike’s 2021 release, Keepin’ It Real, contains some of Mike’s finest playing, as he tackles songs from the Real Book (the Jaz…

Live Online Lessons


Live Online Lessons is a more budget-friendly option for private lessons with Mike. You schedule an appointment using the …


Noel Boggs’ “Tenderly” Video/Tab lesson (B11 tuning)


I’m very pleased to make this stunning version of the great standard, “Tenderly” available as a video/tab/notation lesson. Wh…


Singin’ The Blues – Sol Hoopii (tab/notation)


This is a note-for-note transcription of Sol Hoopii’s 1928 recording of Singin’ The Blues, a song made famous by Bix Beiderbe…


Sol Hoopii’s “12th Street Rag” Video/tab lesson (C#m7 tuning, Sol’s)


Sol Hoopii’s 1938 recording of “12th Street Rag” is one of his most envied performances. It is a tour-de-force, combining tec…


Speedy West “Wild and Woolly West” Tab/Notation (E9 tuning)


Are you ready to have some fun? Good, because that is what this one is all about. Speedy West’s “Wild and Woolly West” is …

Speedy West’s “Skiddle-Dee-Boo” Tab/Notation (C6 tuning)


The great Speedy West wrote so many great steel guitar tunes, and this is surely one of them. This one is so good that even V…


Speedy West’s “Steelin’ Moonlight” Video/Tab lesson (A6 tuning)


Speedy West’s “Steelin’ Moonlight” is a delightful composition by Speedy that shows not only his talent as a player, but as a…


STEELONIOUS – Mike Neer (audio CD)


Mike Neer’s new CD, STEELONIOUS, is now available and shipping! Featuring the talents of Matt King (piano/organ), Andrew H…


The Moonlighters “Surrender” CD


This CD was released by the Moonlighters in 2006 and features stunning vocal harmonies and soaring Tricone playing on a bed o…


Tom Brumley’s “Seven Come Eleven” Video/Tab lesson (E9 tuning)


Tom Brumley’s “Seven Come Eleven”, recorded with the Buckaroos, is a sizzling slab of Bakersfield-style steel guitar playing….


Tom Brumley’s “Waltz of the Roses” Video/Tab lesson (C6 tuning)


Tom Brumley’s “Waltz of the Roses” is a thing of beauty. Played on a pedal steel, the chords gracefully flow into each other….


“Coconut Grove” arr. Mike Neer, Tab/Notation (C6/A7 tuning)


This is an arrangement that I did for Coconut Grove, an old number that dates back to the 1920s but has become a steel guitar…


“On the Sunny Side of the Street” arr. by Mike Neer, Tab/Notation (C6/A7 tuning)


This wonderful classic of the American Songbook, On The Sunny Side Of The Street, was written by Jimmy McHugh and Dorothy Fie…


“Steelin’ Scales and Modes in C6 Tuning”–print copy


This highly regarded book is a must have for achieving an independence from position playing and finding new ways to play mel…