New Products and Lessons

Now Available:

Mike’s arrangement of Patsy Cline’s “I Fall To Pieces”  with tab/notation and play-along track, available here:
I Fall To Pieces arranged by Mike Neer

MIKE NOW OFFERS TWO tiers of lessons:

the Bespoke Lesson option and the Live Online Lesson option. 

Bespoke Lessons include a scheduled 15-20 minute Zoom consultation where you will discuss goals, progress, tips, action plan, etc., followed up with a customized video lesson that cuts straight to the core of the material, and which may include tab or other written materials. The video and all other materials will be uploaded to your own personal folder in Google Drive within five days of the consultation. This system has been received successfully and favorably by dozens of students because of its effectiveness and directness.

Live Online Lessons include a 30 minute Zoom lesson where you will focus on specific techniques/issues/approaches/action plans in that meeting and which may include some follow-up material such as tab. This is a more budget-friendly option that will be engaging but that will require some self-motivated discovery.

Mike is an open book with regard to teaching and is eager to share many of the secrets and systems he uses for his own playing as well as general steel guitar knowledge he has picked up from studyingthe greats. If you have questions or ideas about things you’d like to achieve and how to go about making them a reality, Mike may be the perfect coach to help you with that.