Tom Brumley’s “Waltz of the Roses” Video/Tab lesson (C6 tuning)

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Tom Brumley’s “Waltz of the Roses” is a thing of beauty. Played on a pedal steel, the chords gracefully flow into each other. In our arrangement of the tune for 6 or 8 string C6 non-pedal steel, we take advantage of bar slanting, using reverse and forward slants. This is the ultimate slant workout! This lesson will help you gain confidence in your slanting and unlock a few vital 3 string split slants that you can use in many musical situations.

The package contains a 14 minute demonstration video, tab and notation pdf, Tabledit file, rhythm play-along track and an mp3 of the original version.

Have a listen to our arrangement:
Waltz of the Rose (for non-pedal steel)

The cost of the package is $7.95