“Steelin’ Scales and Modes in C6 Tuning”–print copy

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“Steelin’ Scales and Modes in C6 Tuning”–print copy

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This highly regarded book is a must have for achieving an independence from position playing and finding new ways to play melodies and improvisations.  Using a tetrachord (4 note system) to break down the scales and modes into smaller blocks creates an organized and logical way of seeing the neck in relation to playing single note melodies.

The book is written with all steel guitarists in mind, from 6 strings, to 8 strings, to 10 string pedal steel--I focus on two 3-string sets, and once you understand the system, you can apply on other string sets and even other tunings.

As far as I know, this is the first book of its kind, and I really think you will gain much in the way of playing fluidly and free from being locked in positions.

As always, thanks for you support!

It is also available as an instantly downloadable e-Book.