Speedy West “Wild and Woolly West” Tab/Notation (E9 tuning)

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Are you ready to have some fun? Good, because that is what this one is all about.

Speedy West’s “Wild and Woolly West” is an incredible display of Speedy’s style–he has all the chops in the world, but they’re different, to say the least. A one-of-a-kind stylist and this tune is loaded with Speedy-isms. This track appeared on his great Guitar Spectacular LP.

The fun thing about this tune is he used 2 necks: his E9 neck and his F#9 neck. There were pedals, but on this tune Speedy only used a pedal in the solo in about 3 places to get a C6 chord. No problem. This tab and notation includes a transcription of the tune (E9 tuning) and the solo (F#9 tuning). If you have a doubleneck steel, then you are in for a world of fun and challenge (this tune is rated D for difficult).

Included in the package are the tab/notation pdf file, Tabledit files, 2 rhythm tracks (almost full tempo (250bpm) and 80% of tempo), as well as some detailed notes and an mp3 of the track itself. I put a lot of time and love into this one!

Here is a little clip of myself playing the tune over the play-along track:



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