Gabby Pahinui’s “Chloe” Video/Tab lesson (C13 tuning)

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Gabby Pahinui’s appearance on Ry Cooder’s Chicken Skin Music turned many of us on to the wonderful sound of Hawaiian steel guitar. I was no exception. With his lovely version of Yellow Roses and his take on the classic Chloe, Gabby showed a new audience just why he was such a musical giant.

I’ve put together a package for this song which includes a note-for-note transcription of Gabby’s performance, tabbed and notated for both 8-string C13 (Gabby’s tuning) and 6-string C6 (both are included). Also in the package are a Tabledit file, rhythm track, original version mp3, and a 17-minute video outlining some important performance notes. This song sounds simple to play, but Gabby’s mastery is the reason–he employs some very adept technique here.

If you haven’t heard the song before, here is a version I recorded, although it is not a note-for-note rendition of Gabby’s, but rather an homage: Chloe

The cost of the package is $9.95.