Bespoke Lessons

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Mike offers customized lessons in a digestible, affordable and, most importantly, effective package. This is how it works:
You schedule an appointment using the form below. The appointment consists of a 15-20 minute Zoom session in which we discuss your goals and review your progress. Within 5 days of your consultation, Mike will prepare a detailed 10-15 minute video of suggested exercises/materials to best achieve your goals. The video will cut straight to the core and may include tab/notation as well. These are bespoke lessons—customized just for you. Mike will be available to discuss any issues you may have with the lessons via email usually within a few hours.

Please note:  Mike is fluent in several tunings, including C6 and its variants, A6, Dobro G, open E and D, etc.

Your time is valuable and having lessons presented in this manner will help focus on goals and eliminate much of the energy spent dealing with the technical issues that crop up and unproductive chatter.

The price for these lessons is $50, paid by adding the Lesson to your shopping cart and checking out via Paypal. We think you will find this to be quite a bargain when you consider the depth and breadth of the materials you receive.

To book your lesson, use the form below.  Please Add to Cart and check out before completing booking.