Noel Boggs’ “Tenderly” Video/Tab lesson (B11 tuning)

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I’m very pleased to make this stunning version of the great standard, “Tenderly” available as a video/tab/notation lesson. When I say “lesson”, I sure mean it–Noel takes us all to school with this one. This is one of my prouder moments of transcription–I’m sure you’ll be as pleased with it as I am. There are very interesting techniques to be learned here–those exquisite chords are a product of ingenuity. Behind the bar string pulling is utilized extensively here.

The tuning used in this arrangement is B11–simply an A6 tuning with the 5th string E lowered to D#. It can be played on a 6 string lap steel, and any steel tuned to C6 (high E) can be easily retuned to B11 for this arrangement.

This package includes a 14-minute video lesson, tab/notation in pdf files, Tabledit file and backing tracks recorded by myself. I will also supply an mp3 of Noel’s recording. All this for $7.95.