Keepin’ It Real – audio CD

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Mike’s 2021 release, Keepin’ It Real, contains some of Mike’s finest playing, as he tackles songs from the Real Book (the Jazz musician’s encyclopedia of unauthorized lead sheets ) in his own unique way, playing not only steel guitar but also bass and ukulele as well as percussion.  Joining Mike on this CD are some fine guest soloists, whose great contributions really give a boost to the music.  Bonus fact:  The entire recording was done on a Rickenbacher B-6 steel guitar that was owned by none other than the great Sol Hoopii, one of Mike’s biggest influences.


  1. Passion Dance
  2. Stolen Moments
  3. Peace
  4. Nica’s Dream
  5. Witch Hunt (feat. Will Bernard)
  6. African Flower
  7. Pensativa
  8. West Coast Blues (feat. Chris Crocco)


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