The Moonlighters “Surrender” CD

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This CD was released by the Moonlighters in 2006 and features stunning vocal harmonies and soaring Tricone playing on a bed of acoustic bass, ukulele and rhythm guitar. This 4-piece acoustic band brought a breath of fresh air to the stylings and instrumentation of the Hawaiian groups of the 1920s. The songs are mostly originals, but there are some wonderful covers of classics, as well. Bliss Blood – vocal, ukulele, Carla Murray – vocals, guitar, Mike Neer – Tricone (steel guitar), guitar, Andrew Hall – bass.

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Track listing:
1. Big Times (Blood)
2. Makin’ Wickey-Wackey Down in Waikiki
3. Dirt Road Life (Blood/Neer) Dirt Road Life
4. Hold Your Man
5. Ziegfeld Doll (Blood/Murray)
5. Every Little Raindrop (Blood/Neer) Every Little Raindrop
7. Mission to Moscow/Me Minus You/Kakaaka Rag
8. I’ll Never Be the Same
9. Take a Picture of the Moon
10. Broken Doll (Blood/Neer)
11. Special Cannonball (Blood/Neer)
12. Bali Hai
13. Boxcar With a View (Blood/Neer)
14. A Little Astray (Blood/Neer)



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