Sol Hoopii’s “12th Street Rag” Video/tab lesson (C#m7 tuning, Sol’s)

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Sol Hoopii’s 1938 recording of “12th Street Rag” is one of his most envied performances. It is a tour-de-force, combining technical mastery and humor in a 2 1/2 minute non-stop workout. This is Sol’s electric version for 6 string C#mi7 tuning Hawaiian guitar. Mike Neer has transcribed this performance note-for-note in the manner in which Sol played it. The clean and easy to read tab/notation, along with a 16-minute demonstration video, will have you ready to play this one in no time….(well, give or take a few weeks).

Have a listen:
12th St. Rag by Mike Neer

Included in the download is the Tabledit file, tab/notation .pdf, demonstration video, and backing track , as well as an mp3 of Sol’s recording. It would take at least a few private lessons to show you how to play this one. You can get it here for only $9.95