“The Magic Steel Guitarist” eBook

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A Book of Astounding Tricks, Effects and Solos For Hawaiian Guitar.” This classic book, written by John Martell and published in 1937, has been long out-of-print and is a collector’s item. Now, you can learn how to imitate birds, make the sound of sawing wood, say “hello”–yes, indeed, dazzle your friends! Have a look at the table of contents by clicking on the image above. This book is a piece of steel guitar history from the time of Hawaiian Steel guitar’s heyday. Actually, much of the content of the book is dedicated to classical numbers by Dvorak, Schumann, Schubert and the Neapolitan classic, “‘O Sole Mio,” as well as a few Hawaiian compositions, including “Aloha Beloved” by Andy Iona, Maui Girl and Aloha Oe.

With your download you will receive 2 PDF files–the first being the eBook (black & white) and the other a PDF book with high-resolution scans of each page. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view, which you can download free on Adobe’s website.