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Bespoke Lessons


Mike offers customized lessons in a digestible, affordable and, most importantly, effective package. This is how it works: Y...


"Steelin' Scales and Modes in C6 Tuning"--print copy


This highly regarded book is a must have for achieving an independence from position playing and finding new ways to play mel...


Joaquin Murphey - Classic Western Swing: Steel Guitar Solos


A book of transcriptions by John McGann with notes by Andy Volk. This popular book presents some of Joaquin's hottest solos m...


Bebop Lap Steel Guitar (Print Edition)


Now available is a print edition of the Bebop Lap Steel Guitar book. The book is 53 pp., spiral bound, with a new cover.  Th...


Keepin' It Real - audio CD


Mike's 2021 release, Keepin' It Real, contains some of Mike's finest playing, as he tackles songs from the Real Book (the Jaz...


STEELONIOUS - Mike Neer (audio CD)


Mike Neer's new CD, STEELONIOUS, is now available and shipping! Featuring the talents of Matt King (piano/organ), Andrew H...


The Moonlighters "Surrender" CD


This CD was released by the Moonlighters in 2006 and features stunning vocal harmonies and soaring Tricone playing on a bed o...


Tom Brumley's "Waltz of the Roses" Video/Tab lesson (C6 tuning)


Tom Brumley's "Waltz of the Roses" is a thing of beauty. Played on a pedal steel, the chords gracefully flow into each other....


Buddy Emmons' "Four Wheel Drive" Tab/Notation (C6 tuning)


Buddy Emmons’ Four Wheel Drive is one of the greatest steel guitar instrumentals ever recorded. It is an encyclopedia of st...


Speedy West "Wild and Woolly West" Tab/Notation (E9 tuning)


Are you ready to have some fun? Good, because that is what this one is all about. Speedy West's "Wild and Woolly West" is ...

Speedy West's "Skiddle-Dee-Boo" Tab/Notation (C6 tuning)


The great Speedy West wrote so many great steel guitar tunes, and this is surely one of them. This one is so good that even V...


Tom Brumley's "Seven Come Eleven" Video/Tab lesson (E9 tuning)


Tom Brumley's "Seven Come Eleven", recorded with the Buckaroos, is a sizzling slab of Bakersfield-style steel guitar playing....