Bespoke Lessons

$40.00 (Tax Exempt)

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Mike now offers two tiers of lessons described in greater detail below.  To set up a lesson, you simply add the lesson of your choice to the cart and check out via PAYPAL (a Paypal account is not required) and then select the desired time slot from the schedule below.

There is a bundle discount for three (3) lessons booked in advance (click the following link).  Book three (3) lessons and pay $100.

Bespoke Lessons

You schedule an appointment using the form below.  The appointment consists of a 15-20 minute Zoom session in which you discuss your goals and review your progress.  Within 5 days of your consultation, Mike will prepare a detailed video of suggested exercises/materials to best help you achieve those goals.  The video will cut straight to the core and may include tab/notation as well.  The are bespoke lessons–customized just for you.  Mike will be available to discuss any questions you may have about the lessons via email usually within a few hours.

The price for these lessons is $40, paid by adding Bespoke Lessons to your cart, checking out and selecting your desired slot.  Please note:  Mike is on the East Coast and all time slots are EST.


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