Modern Technique for Steel Guitar: Economy Picking (pre-order)

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***HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE that because of reduction in costs of printing books, I have been able to lower the price to $30!

This book is certain to be a game changer for many steel guitarists and it is the first of its kind to explore alternative approaches to playing steel, not only for innovative new sounds, but also for overcoming some of the difficulties that many players face with conventional picking technique.

Shipping begins August 2.

There will be a limited number of print copies available in this first pressing, so if you are interested in reserving a copy, you can purchase now. US domestic shipping is free for pre-orders until July 24 ($8 for international)** When free shipping offer expires, $5.00 for USA/$13 for international orders.

**Because of issues with Paypal’s shipping calculations, the international shipping charges will have to be added after purchase, so an invoice for $8 will be sent before shipping.

There will be no E-book available at this time.